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Our workshops are a BLAST! But we do have a lot of information to share with you. Below are some details that we think you'll find helpful. We require a minimum of 8 people for a private party, with a maximum of around 15. The prices start at $50 per project and go up, depending on which project you choose. Let us know if you would like to get on our calendar or if you have any other questions! Text or call Trent @ 940-229-8265, or send us an email or fb message!

Click the button below to see all of our available public workshops!

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After selecting your DIY kit, you will be asked to choose some colors! These are the color choices for the take-home kits, but we have lots more to choose from during our in-house workshops and private parties!

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We have some really fun designs! See our gallery below for ideas and to the left for a list of some of our latest ones. 

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