The Poppy Box - Monthly DIY 3D Kit 

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Welcome to The Poppy Box!! Get your friends together for a monthly craft night, or relax and create by yourself! Anywhere! It's too easy! This is a membership for an awesome 3D DIY kit available for local pickup or shipped to your door every month!!


This month's kit is ADORABLE! This cutting board sign is INTERCHANGEABLE, and comes with TWO inserts this month - FRESH BAKED PUMPKIN PIES, & THE WITCH IS IN!! Each month, in addition to your regular monthly DIY kit, we will offer one or two inserts for you to purchase when you pick up your monthly kit! (Prices will vary and details will be given later.) SO FUN!!

Each month, your box (or bag) will include everything you need to complete your project (with the exception of scissors, tape, etc...things everyone has at home.) We always suggest picking up extra little bottles of flat acrylic paints when you go to Walmart so you can always have colors to choose from if you want something different from the colors in the monthly box! They are cheap and fun to have on hand for crafting!

$38 per month, CANCEL ANYTIME! Tax is included! That's like $35 for an AWESOME monthly project!

Your kit will be ready for pickup or shipping on the 10th of every month! (If a holiday or we are closed, it will be available the next business day!

  • The Poppy Box

    Every month
    Trendy DIY kit for you to create when & where you want!
    • Monthly 3D DIY Kit
    • Cancel Anytime!!
  • Shipped Poppy Box

    Every month
    Trendy DIY 3D kit for you to create when & where you want!
    • Monthly 3D DIY Kit - Shipped
    • Cancel Anytime!

    Every month
    This is for EXPIRED CARDS ONLY!
    • Monthly DIY 3D Kit
    • Cancel Anytime!

    Every month
    For expired cards only!
    • This is only if you previously had a $29 subscription